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Regular readers of our Matchday Magazine will know all the facts and figures behind each new week at Cliftonville Football Club, while our Twitter followers are regaled with daily delves into the archives – and today provides yet another notable anniversary.

For today marks 70 years since an interesting article in the Ireland’s Saturday Night celebrated the construction of Solitude’s Main Stand in a ‘Progress report from Solitude’, which has been reproduced below.

Story of a Grand Stand

The new grand stand at Cliftonville is reckoned to be the most modern structure of its kind in Ireland.

It replaces the stand destroyed last year by far and, in contrast to the old one, is steel.

There will be seating accommodation for over 2,000 people, with an absolutely uninterrupted view.

The stand cost £20,000 to erect and there is sufficient space remaining to continue the structure right to the end of the reserved side of the field in course of time.

The public, too, will have speedy ingress to the stand, for there are five new stiles leading direct to the staircase, with an additional two stiles further along the reserved side. In fact, Cliftonville has now 19 turnstiles in operation and there is space for five more if these should be found necessary.

The covered stand behind the goalposts at the pavilion end of the field could also be made into a double-decker if necessary and the funds available.

On this and other schemes to keep Cliftonville in the forefront of Irish football, the Management Committee are to be commended.