Code of Conduct

Cliftonville Football Club is an equal opportunities Club and will not therefore tolerate any form of sectarianism or racially offensive behaviour or chanting.
As part of our ongoing commitment to the IFA’s Football For All campaign, to Kick It Out and to equality, anyone caught making racist or sectarian comments may be arrested, prosecuted and banned from the Club. If you or your fellow supporters hear any abuse of this nature, then please report it to the nearest steward or Club Official.

A code of conduct has been introduced by the IFA because of the implications under Article 55 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. The potential measures available to the authorities for any instances of discrimination, racism or sectarianism in football range from match suspension and deduction of points (3 for a first offence, 6 for a second and relegation for persistent offenders) through to disqualification from a competition.

Cliftonville FC have submitted a range of proposals to the Chief Executive of the IFA to demonstrate its commitment to this ideal. These include the issuing of a statement of non-tolerance with regard to discrimination, racism and sectarianism (see above), conditions attached to being a Member, official, player or supporter of the club and steps to ensure that the club does all it reasonably and practically can to show its level of commitment.

Full details of these measures were announced in advance of this season and the club asks all Members, officials, players and supporters to work with it in making this strategy a success on and off the pitch and wherever Cliftonville FC might be represented.

Supporters are asked to refrain from…

  • Using sectarian, racist or any inappropriate language
  • The display of any racist or sectarian emblems or banners
  • Using foul, abusive or insulting language, gestures or threatening behaviour
  • Missile throwing or entering the pitch area

Supporters should…

  • Respect all players, team attendants and match officials
  • Follow directions and instructions given by stewards and Club officials
  • Respect other supporters
  • Report breaches of our code to a steward, club official or on the telephone number above
  • Remember to observe the code both at Solitude and away games
  • Support Cliftonville loudly and proudly!

Visiting supporters are also to respect our Code of Conduct. ALL supporters please note that observing the Code of Conduct is a condition of your entry to the ground. Any person not observing the Code may be ejected from the ground and may face further sanctions.