Friends of Cliftonville

As Cliftonville Football Club enters another season you, as a friend of Ireland’s oldest Football Club, can help make a big difference in its fortunes at this time. As the Management Committee attempts to move the Club forward and develop facilities off the field and improve performances on it, you can help the Club.

Before kicking a ball each season, substantial finds are necessary for items such as insurance, rates and electricity. And putting a competitive team on the pitch requires additional financial backing.

Our famous old Club has many friends and together we can make for a promising future. We are giving you the chance by asking for regular donations to a special fund set up to assist in raising vital income for the Club.

Whether you are a regular supporter or someone who hasn’t been able to make it to Solitude for a while, if you can become one of the Friends of Cliftonville, your contribution will be very gratefully received and acknowledged.

Donations can be made by Standing Order direct from your bank account each month. All donations to the Friends of Cliftonville will be held in a seperate bank account.

If you would like to help then please complete one of our Standing Order Request and return it to…

The Friends of Cliftonville
Cliftonville FC
Cliftonville Street
BT14 6LP

Thank you,
Gerard Lawlor
Chairman, Cliftonville FC