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Polling day

Cliftonville supporters are invited to cast their vote for the Club’s Official Player of the Year Award.

With all fans eligible to participate, you can influence who walks away with the top accolade by selecting your star man from the 2021/22 season using the panel below.

The three players who receive the most votes will, combined with statistics from the various Player of the Month polls conducted throughout the campaign, be assessed by a specially-selected panel, thus ensuring that the honour is reflective of contributions throughout the entire campaign, meaning that supporters who cast a vote even once during the course of the season can rest assured that their input will help determine the winner.

Our poll closes at 11.59pm this coming Friday night, so be sure to get involved and encourage fellow fans to do the same in having their say ahead of the trophy being handed over at the Cliftonville FC Awards on Saturday, May 21.

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