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Mental Health Awareness Week

At the commencement of Mental Health Awareness Week, Cliftonville FC reminds our supporters of the services provided by TAMHI, the Club’s Official Charity Partner.

A local organisation founded in 2011, TAMHI (Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues) was established by Joe Donnelly and Stephen McLaughlin after the loss of a close friend to suicide, and regularly holds talks across Belfast and beyond to tackle the stigma attached to suicide and mental health problems.

The World Health Organisation estimates that one in four of us will experience a mental illness at some point in our lives, with sport’s reflection of society as a whole further highlighting its value in promoting mental fitness for all. TAMHI works with sports clubs, schools and youth groups to make mental health fun and engaging. The group’s approach is focused on raising the capacity of grassroots groups to have the confidence to connect with their members in relation to mental health through workshops, talks, training, activities and games.

Participating in sport can make a positive contribution to a person’s welfare if their experience is one that reflects the positive values of sport and, proud to make our own contribution, everyone at Cliftonville Football Club looks forward to our continued collaboration with TAMHI.