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Gif of life

Cliftonville Football Club’s Official Giphy account is just about to break through the 60 million views barrier.

Launched just before Christmas 2021, the initiative means fans around the world can add a distinctly Reds-related tint to their online conversations and observations courtesy of a raft of GIFs on our platform.

Available to download directly to your device from, you can also use an assortment of hashtags to access the imagery through the GIF libraries on Twitter and Facebook – simply search for #cliftonville.

They say pictures paint a thousand words and if you’re one of those awful people who spams the WhatsApp groupchat with GIFs (every set of friends has one) then what better way to do it than with imagery of the Reds in action? Be it a goal, a celebration or the Red Army out in their numbers, there’s something for every discussion!

We already have more than 650 GIFs for you to choose from and, with our account regularly updated with fresh content of both the Men’s and Ladies teams, you certainly won’t run short of conversation starters, so whatever you tweet or however you’re updating your Facebook status, you can now say it with Cliftonville.

Make sure you’re following the Official accounts of the ONLY Irish League Club that guarantees you fresh content every single day:

Twitter: @cliftonvillefc
Facebook: @cliftonvillefc
Instagram: @cliftonvillefootballclub
YouTube: cliftonvillefootballclub1879