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Vouch for us

Cliftonville Football Club are pleased to confirm that The Reds Shop will be accepting High Street Vouchers.

If you’re over 18 and eligible for the £100 reward scheme, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a replica shirt and some items from our popular 2021/22 Leisurewear Range?

Applications for vouchers – which must be spent by the end of November – can be made online by clicking here and bring it with you the next time you visit us in-store at Solitude. Maybe you want to buy yourself a belated birthday present or make an early start on your Christmas shopping. Whatever the reason, we have a wide range of goods to cater for fans of all ages and would be delighted to welcome you along.

Uncollected Members and Season Tickets will, meanwhile, be available to be picked up from the Shop between 6-7pm this Wednesday.

2021/22 Leisurewear
Training Jersey
Adult (Red/ Green/ Grey): £27.50
Youth (Red): £22.50
Child (Red): £19.95

Hoodies (Grey)
Adult: £45

Zip Hoodies (Red)
Adult: £45
Youth: £40
Child: £37.50

Rain Jacket (Black and Grey)
Adult: £47.50

Quarter-Zip Jackets
Adult (Red/ Green/ Grey): £39.95
Youth: (Red/ Grey): £35
Child (Red/ Grey): £30

Polo Shirts (Grey)
Adult: £32.50