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Saturday Stepback: 1942

Though the 2019/20 season was scheduled to have concluded by now, we are nevertheless continuing to fill the void left by Cliftonville-free Saturdays with the latest chapter of our weekly series transporting us back to a game played on this day in yesteryear.

Thanks to the help of the Club’s Heritage Development Officer, Paul Treanor, every Saturday during football’s downtime, will revisit a match from the past via the medium of contemporary newspaper reports – with today’s spotlight falling on a 1942 McIlroy Cup Second Round clash between Cliftonville Olympic and Bangor Reserves at Solitude.

Bangor triumph. Olympic fail at home.

The Seasiders attacked. Bradford drove against the cross-bar with Burton beaten.

Walsh crossed splendidly but found no colleague up to accept.

The Olympic pressed but found Doak safe to all calls.

Returning to the attack, Bradford gave Bangor the lead which, however, was short lived. Over equalising.

Bradford again put Bangor ahead but just on the turn-over, Newman again levelled the score.

Half-time – Two goals each.

The Olympic had the misfortune to lose a player, who was removed to hospital.

Notwithstanding their handicap, the Olympic pressed Over and Williamson being prominent.

With the Olympic appealing for offside Bradford went on to give Bangor the lead and complete his hat-trick.

An Olympic player got “marching orders”.

Result – Bangor Reserves 3; Cliftonville Olympic 2.

Olympic: Burton; John Miller. Butler; McCallum, Newman, Montgomery; Over, O’Neill, Williamson, Jim Miller, Hill.

Bangor Reserves: Doak; Graham, McCune; Flood, Walker, Kennedy; McCandless, Ritchie, Bradford, Walsh, Finlay.