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Club Statement

Following a three hour appeal hearing this evening, the Irish Football Association Appeals Committee agreed with Cliftonville Football Club’s submission that the punishment recently imposed by the IFA Disciplinary Committee on Rory Donnelly was excessive.

However, in what can only be described as a farcical cop out, the Appeals Committee have only seen fit to remove the suspended part of the suspension originally issued to the player. In effect, this is nothing more than a meaningless gesture with the player still having to serve the term of suspension issued, despite the case having been found in the player’s favour.

The IFA, fond of issuing statements on selective cases only, will no doubt attempt to put a spin on this outcome, but Cliftonville Football Club will no longer be a party to such statements.

Yet again, like the antics of individuals within the IFA over the anthem at the Irish Cup Final, it is obvious to our Club that there are people within the IFA who would rather that our Club went away.

We can assure our supporters that this will never be the case.