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Number bods

As the countdown to Thursday’s Europa Conference League curtain-raiser with DAC continues, supporters are alerted to Cliftonville’s squad numbers list for the 2022/23 season.

As well as those assigned to recent signings Fynn Talley (1), Jamie Robinson (14), Gerard Storey (21), Luke Turner (24), Ronan Hale (25) and Stephen Mallon (27), Kitman Brian Campbell has confirmed that defender Jonny Addis – who sported the 15 jersey last term – has now assumed the number 4 shirt, while Chris Gallagher (formerly 25) and Calvin McCurry (formerly 21) will now don 6 and 20, respectively.

Furthermore, our improved Squad Profile and Coaching Staff sections have also been updated in advance of the new campaign, with visitors to continuing to have handy access to a filtering system specific to individual players.

Available on each player’s own page, if you want to check out Levi Ives’ news archive, for example, you can simply click the tag on his profile, while every stat associated with Chris Curran can likewise be enjoyed via his own link.

A means of ensuring that everything from the latest breaking stories to historical trivia is always at your fingertips, it is hoped that our revamped Squad section will prove a valuable resource for casual observers and stattos alike!

Squad Numbers
1. Fynn Talley
2. Conor McDermott
3. Levi Ives
4. Jonny Addis
6. Chris Gallagher
7. Chris Curran
8. Rory Hale
9. Ryan Curran
10. Paul O’Neill
11. Jamie McDonagh
12. Seanna Foster
13. Kris Lowe
14. Jamie Robinson
17. Ronan Doherty
18. Donal Rocks
19. Joe Gormley
20. Calvin McCurry
21. Gerard Storey
22. Odhrán Casey
23. Ruadhán McKenna
24. Luke Turner
25. Ronan Hale
26. Colin Coates
27. Stephen Mallon
28. Stephen McGuinness
35. Declan Breen
36. Aiden Kelly
38. Sean Moore
39. Michael Morgan
40. Orann Donnelly