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Club Statement: Irish Cup semi-final

As Cliftonville Football Club looks forward to tonight’s Samuel Gelston’s Whiskey Irish Cup semi-final against Crusaders at Windsor Park, we want to remind all those attending that, whilst we very much welcome your support, it’s vital such support respects everyone at the game and complies with the stadium regulations.

It was disappointing that at the recent League Cup Final, there was a minority in attendance whose behaviour tarnished our Club. Despite warnings ahead of that game, in particular regarding the use of pyrotechnics, some still chose to bring them, causing distress to many, while a group had preference to engage in singing songs and chants that had no relevance to Cliftonville FC, nor indeed football.

If it is your intent to engage in any of these activities while purporting to be a Cliftonville supporter, be under no illusion, you are not and your attendance is not wanted at tonight’s match.

As with the League Cup Final, Cliftonville FC have had no control in how tickets are distributed for this evening’s fixture, nor have we had any input into the safety, stewarding or security plan. However, the Club will no doubt again be held liable should there be any reoccurrence of such behaviour, as we were for the incidents at the League Cup Final, when significant fines were imposed on the Club.

All at Cliftonville, and in particular our players, want Reds supporters to be loud and sing Cliftonville songs proudly. So get behind the team tonight and ensure everyone enjoys the occasion.

Come on you Reds.

Cliftonville v Crusaders
Adults: £12
Concessions: £8
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