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Tight fits

One of them reached the Last 16 of our Away Kit Battle courtesy of a single vote, while the other squeezed through in our Second Chance Saloon – but which one will you send through to the Quarter-Finals?

As we continue to whittle our fans’ top choices down week by week, the infamous Argentina-style jersey from the 1996/97 term finds itself up against a recent favourite worn between 2016-2018, but the coming days will mark the end of the road for one of them.

We want supporters young and old to play their part in helping us compile a definitive of list of the Red Army’s favourites and, even if your chosen kit doesn’t make progress to the Quarter-Finals, every vote will help determine precisely where it ends up in our overall rankings between 1990 and 2020.

There are no more potential reprieves for any defeated shirts, with each winner progressing to the next round until an overall victor is determined.

Our poll closes at noon on Monday, so you’ve got the rest of the weekend to make a considered decision before clicking the button.

Argentina Stripes

Supplier: Le Coq Sportif
Sponsor: KitKat
Worn: 1996/97
Notes: Sported during a campaign that saw Cliftonville reach their first Irish Cup Final since 1979, this strip is already known to have split opinion among our fanbase, many of whom regard it as an under-appreciated classic, while others have done everything in their power to erase it from the memory bank.

Green Shades
Supplier: Puma
Sponsor: Sean Graham
Worn: 2016/17, 2017/18
Notes: Though it was worn for the first time in the Europa League tie with Differdange in Luxembourg, this kit was – in a potentially fate-tempting move – unveiled just days before the Reds faced Glentoran in the inaugural Euro Play-Off Final, victory in which saw supporters flock to place their orders for some coveted continental kitwear.

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Which shirt is your favourite?

Argentina Stripes

Shades of Green