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Hit for sixes

Cliftonville’s Green & Navy striped ensemble from the mid-90s has booked its place in the Quarter Finals of our Away Kit Battle.

The O’Neills strip, which was worn by the side that won the McEwans Soccer Sixes in the 1994/95 season, registered a whopping 77% of the weekend’s vote to knock the All-Black Europa League effort from 2010 out of the running.

As we bid to compile the definitive list of the Club’s best and worst away kits of the last 30 years, everyone will naturally have their own favourites and, with just a few days to wait until our next poll, have you decided which strip you’d vote for out of any given combination?

Quarter Finalists
1: Green & White (2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14)
2. Luminous Yellow & Black Hoops (1998/99)
3. Green & Navy Stripes (1994/95)