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Second shot

Our Away Kit Battle’s Second Chance Saloon rolls on, with two 1990s favourites handed this week’s opportunity of a reprieve.

A total of 11 strips are already safely through to the next phase of our project to determine Cliftonville’s best reverse ensemble of the last 30 years but, to ensure no kit misses out through sheer misfortune of our opening draw, we’re offering some stays of execution – continuing with the Yellow & Blue Spall effort from 1990-1993 going up against the Green & Navy Stripes provided by Diadora in 1995/96.

The motivation behind your vote rests entirely with you. Perhaps it was the away strip the Reds wore in your first season following them across the land, or maybe there’s a favourite player from that era who’s synonymous with a particular kit in your mind’s eye.

Did the team surge to trophy success while bedecked in a certain top or, from a purely aesthetical point of view, do you just happen to like the colour and design more than the others?

Whatever your reason, we want supporters young and old to play their part in helping us compile a definitive list that stretches all the way back to 1990.

Our poll closes at noon on Monday, so you’ve got the whole weekend to make a considered decision before clicking the button – and, with the defeated jersey which accumulates most votes handed a final shot at redemption, every contribution really does count!

Brazilian Simplicity
Supplier: Spall
Sponsor: Total Haulage
Worn: 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93
Notes: One of the first away kits produced for fans to buy in replica, this is the oldest kit in our poll but can it maintain the 100% record of yellow-shirted representation in our Round of 16?

Change In Stripes
Supplier: Diadora
Sponsor: KitKat
Worn: 1995/96
Notes: Something of a nod to the ensemble it replaced as Cliftonville’s away kit, this effort heralded the introduction of the new Premier League and was worn on the day that history was made when Gary Sliney netted the Club’s first goal in the new top flight… albeit in a 6-1 thrashing by Portadown, which stands as another piece of history as it remains the Reds’ biggest ever defeat in the competition.


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Which shirt is your favourite?

Yellow & Blue

Green & Navy