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Silver and gold

You’ve had one week to consider your voting strategy and now, with the draw having been made, it’s time to go to the polls to begin determining Cliftonville’s best and worst away kits of the last 30 years – starting with efforts splashed in silver and gold.

Each week, we’ll be pitting two jerseys against each other and asking our supporters to decide which makes progress to the next round of our competition – with a special second-chance saloon offered to all of the shirts which lose out in the opening phase, just to be absolutely sure that none miss out through sheer misfortune of the draw.

The motivation behind your vote rests entirely with you. Perhaps it was the away strip the Reds wore in your first season following them across the land, or maybe there’s a favourite player from that era who’s synonymous with a particular kit in your mind’s eye.

Did Cliftonville surge to trophy success while bedecked in a certain top or, from a purely aesthetical point of view, do you just happen to like the colour and design more than the others?

Whatever your reason, we want supporters young and old to play their part in helping us compile a definitive list that stretches all the way back to 1990.

As part of the draw process, all of the jerseys in contention were divided into colour-coordinated pots (thus ensuring, for example, that no yellow kit would face off against another in the opening phase) before random pairings were conducted to produce 10 head-to-head battles – the first of which you can vote on below.

Don’t rush, though. Our poll closes at noon on Monday, so you’ve got the whole weekend to take your time and make a considered decision before clicking the button.

125th Anniversary Green & Silver
Supplier: O’Neills
Sponsor: MDS Pharma Services
Worn: 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07
Notes: A bottle-green number adorned with a trio of silver stripes down the left side, Cliftonville’s 125th Anniversary kit was worn for the final time on the day a long overdue return to European football was secured when the Reds defeated Crusaders in April 2007.

Premier League Champions Gold
Supplier: Le Coq Sportif
Sponsor: KitKat
Worn: 1997/98
Notes: Treasured for being the away strip during the team’s Premier League title-winning term, season-defining wins at Shamrock Park and Seaview (on an afternoon often remembered for an infamous on-field scuffle) made this one-campaign wonder a favourite among fans.


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125th Anniversary

1997/98 Premier League Champions