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Loan act

There’s a certain pride that comes with being able to recall some of the more obscure footenotes of footballing trivia – and we’re certainly putting that to the test in this week’s quiz, which focuses on Cliftonville’s loan signings over the last three decades.

As part of a raft of new weekly features here on, supporters are invited to test their knowledge of a host of players who have made varying impacts at Solitude, ranging from League title-winners and Cup Final goalscorers to some whose very existence in a Reds shirt will have been forgotten about up until now.

Every Monday during football’s lockdown, we’ll be producing a new themed quiz to provide you with an opportunity to refresh your memory on specific seasons, players and competitions, continuing with today’s look back over a selection of loan recruits.

So try your hand at the 10 questions below and be sure to encourage friends and family to get involved by sharing your score on social media afterwards.