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The spirit of Solitude

As the protective measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus are increased, Cliftonville Football Club asks our supporters to do everything you possibly can to look after yourselves and those around you.

As significant a role as football plays in all of our lives, health must be the utmost priority for everyone in our community and we urge everybody with a stake in our Club – be they fans, players, staff, coaches or volunteers – to stay at home and take the greatest possible care during these challenging times by following NHS guidelines on the fight against the coronavirus, while anyone experiencing any symptoms is encouraged to avail of the NHS 111 Online service.

Whatever your personal or family circumstances, please be aware of the importance of social distancing and, where necessary, self-isolation. More than any other football fans around the world, the Red Army truly know the rewards that Solitude can bring. Washing your hands regularly and catching coughs and sneezes in tissues is likewise vital in the battle against Covid-19.

Football will return. Cliftonville will be back. We want each and every one of you there with us when that day comes.

As difficult as it is for those of you currently unable to spend valuable time with members of your family, we are very sure that the prospect of sharing a matchday with them at Solitude can be a motivating prospect to work towards in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget, too, that elderly neighbours and vulnerable members of our society would value being checked in on where possible, while any supporters who are able to do so are encouraged to make food donations that would assist with North Belfast Advice Partnership‘s ongoing work in the community.

Here on, meanwhile, we will do everything we can to keep our fans entertained online and will later today be commencing the first in a series of daily and weekly features – ranging from nostalgic reviews and quizzes to interviews and shop showcases – to help us count down to football’s return together.

In the meantime, please stay at home, keep safe and do everything you can to assist those around you.