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Cliftonville Football Club apologise for the intermittent outages that some users have experienced when trying to access our Official Website this week.

On Monday, a problem was identified in relation to browsing from specific devices and steps were immediately taken to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, this process took longer than originally anticipated, however we are pleased to report that all problems are beginning to clear and supporters will once again be able to view from a range of devices, with any stories you might have missed handily catalogued below. If you are aware of anyone still unable to log on to our site, please advise them to clear their browser cache and try again.

Anyone who has attempted to make contact with any @ email addresses in recent days is asked to re-send any communications at their earliest convenience to ensure that no messages were missed during our unscheduled downtime.

Monday, February 3
In view – Strollers learn Cup venue

Tuesday, February 4
Time for a winning Ron – Doherty eyes three points
Mag’s game – Player of the Month named
Menny happy returns – Cliftonville 3-1 Carrick Rangers

Wednesday, February 5
Derby date decided – Reds to visit Seaview in March
Split ticket – End-of-term fixtures notice
Our numbers counted: Paddy – McLaughlin reflects on Carrick tie

Thursday, February 6
Thurs your chance – Shop opening