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Sunday service

The first items in the Cliftonville FC 2019/20 Leisurewear Range will again be on sale at Solitude this evening.

Available for The Reds Shop between 7.30-8.30pm tonight and tomorrow, the attire – which includes Stadium Jackets, Polo Shirts and Training Tops – is the perfect addition to any suitcase primed for summer holidays or, of course, European trips.

If you can’t wait until then to secure your items of choice, simply click here to peruse the initial range of goods that we have up for grabs and pick them up at your leisure.

Cliftonville Football Club reminds supporters that Official Cliftonville merchandise is only available from The Reds Shop at Solitude or

We are aware of a number of unrelated and unaffiliated retailers selling Cliftonville-branded items and would encourage our fans to only purchase merchandise from Official outlets to ensure that all profits are returned to your Club.

2019/20 Leisurewear
Stadium Jackets (Red/ Black)
Adult: £45
Youth: £40
Child: £35
Polo Shirts (Black/ White)
Adult: £30
Youth: £25
Child: £20
Training Tops (Red/ Black)
Adult: £25
Youth: £20
Child: £20