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Maur money

Maurice Fox was the big winner in January’s 200 Club draw when he emerged with the top prize of £500.

Conducted by Thomas Maguire at half-time of yesterday’s friendly victory over Longford Town, the draw saw George Walsh take the £250 runner-up cheque, with Ann-Marie Burns winning £100.

The three £50 pots, meanwhile, went to former Reds skipper Chris Scannell, Michael Callaghan and Eileen Keenan and, as ever, Cliftonville Football Club is grateful to all participants for their continued support of the project.

Anyone who is interested in signing up to the 200 Club, which offers supporters the chance to win £1000 each month, can do so by downloading forms or by making applications in person at The Reds Shop.

January 2019’s 200 Club Results
£500: Maurice Fox
£250: George Walsh
£100: Ann-Marie Burns
£50: Chris Scannell
£50: Michael Keenan
£50: Eileen Keenan