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Grouped together

The draw for the group stages of the fonaCAB Youth Cup has been made.

The eagerly-anticipated tournament takes place at Solitude during May and June, with participating sides – who have been divided into four pots within age-specific Development and Advanced status – travelling from near and far to play their part in the inaugural event.

Cliftonville Football Club thanks everyone who has signed up and we look forward to welcoming you all later this year.

2007 Age Group
Group 1: Cliftonville (A); Hillsborough Boys; Magherafelt Sky Blues; Milton Rovers
Group 2: Nova Star; Crusaders; Celtic Boys Downpatrick; Loughgall Youths
Group 3: Don Bosco; Cherry Orchard; Mountjoy; Glentoran
Group 4: Limavady Youths; Pollock United (A); Corduff; Pollock United (B)

Group 1: Star United; Cherry Orchard; Drumaness Mills; Newhill
Group 2: Ballymena United (B), St Malachy’s, Nova Star; Moyola Park
Group 3: Strangford; Crusaders; Glentoran; Hillsborough Boys
Group 4: Ballymoor; Pollock United; North End Youth; Magherafelt Sky Blues

2008 Age Group
Group 1: Cherry Orchard; Ardoyne; Rosario; Glentoran
Group 2: Ballymena United; Carnmoney FDC; St Mary’s; Whitehead Eagles
Group 3: Cliftonville; Bertie Peacocks; Shankill Juniors; Hillsborough Boys
Group 4: Doyle; Crusaders; Oliver Plunkett; Loughgall Youth

Group 1: Ballymena United; Cliftonville; Rosario; Quay Celtic
Group 2: Sydenham United; Cherry Orchard; Ballymoney United; Lisburn Youth
Group 3: Ardoyne; St Malachy’s; Newington; Glentoran
Group 4: Strangford; Shankill Juniors; Crusaders; Hillsborough Boys

2009 Age Group
Group 1: Lisdrum; Cadcos; Larne; Warrenpoint Town
Group 2: Ballyclare Comrades; Cherry Orchard; Carrick Rangers; Portadown
Group 3: Glentoran; Magherafelt Sky Blues; Cadcos (B); Star United
Group 4: Loughgall; Cliftonville; Tristar; Cliftonville Reds

Group 1: Top of the Hill Celtic; Cherry Orchard; Phoenix Athletic; Linfield Ladies
Group 2: Ardoyne; St Malachy’s; Quay Celtic; Glentoran
Group 3: Tristar; Carrick Rangers; 18th Newtownabbey; Knights Wood
Group 4: Cadcos; Scotland Boys Club; Shankill; Doyle

2010 Age Group
Group 1: Rosario; Ridgeway Rovers; Carryduff Colts; Larne
Group 2: 18th Newtownabbey; Newington; Moyola Park; Crusaders
Group 3: Cadcos; Carnmoney FDC; Knights Wood; Cliftonville
Group 4: St Malachy’s; Carrick Rangers; Cherry Orchard; Glentoran

Group 1: Belfast Celtic Cubs; Rosario; St Malachy’s; Glentoran
Group 2: Strangford; Cadcos; Cherry Orchard; Crusaders
Group 3: Rossglass; Carnmoney FDC; Carryduff Colts; Cliftonville
Group 4: 18th Newtownabbey; Ridgeway Rovers; Glenavon; Shankill Juniors

Tournament dates
2007 age group: Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3
2008 age group: Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27
2009 age group: Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13
2010 age group: Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20