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Supporters might be interested to learn that Solitude is to feature in an upcoming movie production about the career
of legendary German goalkeeper Bert Trautmann.
The film tells the story of how the former Nazi paratrooper overcame post-war opposition to his presence in England
and rose to become a hero of the British game, famously helping Manchester City to FA Cup Final glory in 1956 by not
letting the trivial matter of a broken neck prevent him from completing the game at Wembley Stadium.
A joint production by Munich-based Lieblingsfilm and Pistachio Pictures of London, 'Trautmann' - which will see actor
David Kross in the lead role - is set for release in 2018 and will include action at Stoke City's old Victoria Ground,
which will be represented by our own famous and historic home.
The streets around Solitude will also feature in scenes scheduled to be filmed in the middle of June, with everyone at
Cliftonville Football Club naturally looking forward to seeing the final presentation when it hits the big screen next year.
Friday, May 19, 2017
Solitude will represent Stoke City's old Victoria Ground in a movie celebrating the
career of Bert Trautmann